Savvy Curls

November 30, 2015

I am always looking for new techniques to do on my girls hair, so I was really excited to try out Savvy Curls!  I am always very careful when using heat on mine and my girls hair, as I do not want to cause any damage.  Savvy Curls is a great solution to adding curl to your hair without any heat.  The headband that you put around your head has a cushion in it, so when you wrap your curls will have more volume when compared to using a regular headband.  Brilliant!  So, how do you use it?  It is recommended that you start with dry hair and add a little mousse to it.  Then put the Savvy Curls band around your head and start wrapping the hair around.  I started on the left side and wrapped a smalls section in the front, then added a section each time until I got to the middle of her head in the back.  Then I repeated this on the right side and once I got to the back, I wrapped the remainder of the hair around the band and added a bobby pin to keep the ends in place.  When I did this on big sis, I put it on when she woke up in the morning and it stayed in for about 2 hours.  When I took the hair out, they were more of a wave than ringlet curls.  My girls have very fine and very straight hair, so I wasn’t expecting it to have really tight curls.  She loved the curls that she got and they looked very soft and pretty on her.  I got a totally different result when I used Savvy Curls on my hair.  I did the same as I did with her…put the band on when I woke up and took my hair out about 2 hours later.  The curls that I got were very similar to when I use a wand on my hair.  I loved the soft curls and they stayed put all day long!  Bonus!  So, if you are looking for a great way to curl your hair without the heat, then give Savvy Curls a try!


Big sis with her hair wrapped in the Savvy Curls band.  This was right before I took it out, thus the fly aways ;).
leah 113015 3
And here is the result. Very soft curls that were a little wavy. I added a little oil to add some shine and tame the fly aways.
leah 113015
And here are the curls on my hair! Very different from the ones on big sis. I really love how they turned out and loved that they held all day long.
angie savvy curls 3

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