Faux Fishtail, Flips

Flip Through into Faux Fishtail Braid

August 24, 2016

This style took me 5 minutes to do…no joke!  It is such a great style for busy school mornings when you are short on time and need to get out the door!  Flip Throughs (or Topsy Tail flips) are so easy to do and really makes the style pop, as well as keep it really secure.  I finished this with a Faux Fishtail braid, which is, essentially, just lots of flips that look like a fishtail braid.  Fishtails are definitely one of the longest braids to do, yet they are one of my favorites in terms of looks.  So this is a great alternative when you’re in a rush.  I hope you enjoy recreating this one…it’s a keeper for sure!leah 082316

Here’s the link for the Topsy Tail that I used to do this style:

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