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Back to School – Small Accent Braid into a Side Braid

August 16, 2016

This style is is one of my favorites for school!  There are so many variations that you can do of this style, which makes it so great because you never have to do the same style twice!  All you have to do for this is make a ponytail at the top right of the head, and another at the bottom left.  Then you can do any braid you want for the top braid, and then you can either do the same or a different one for the bottom one.  I personally love to mix it up and do different variations for each braid.  I especially like doing styles like this because it is so fast to do…it usually only takes me 5 minutes!  Perfect for when you are tight on time!  Another huge plus about doing a stye like this is that it stays put all day long!  Perfect for school!  Here are some of my favorite variations. 

4 strand braid into a 5 strand braid.  Surprisingly, I have never done a 5 strand braid before, and it was so easy!  Maybe even easier than the 4 strand, which I thought was kind of funny.

l 081616

Here’s a close up of the 5 strand braid…so pretty!

l 081616 2

Pull through braid are definitely one of my favorites, and I love it in this style as an accent braid into a 4 strand 3D braid!

l 031016

Another style with the 3D 4 strand braid.  This time I did it for both of the braids.
l hair 022515

This one is a little different, as I didn’t start with a  ponytail in the top right of her head, but it’s essentially the same.  Plus I have a video for this style.

leah hair 060315

This one was pretty simple with just a rope twist and another 3D 4 strand braid.

l 051716 2

I especially enjoyed doing this style around Valentine’s Day with some cute heart hairstyles.  If you don’t have time, or just like the look of a ponytail with curls, then do just that and don’t add another braid to the bottom.

l 020216 l 013016

And here’s my last variation…4 strand braid the entire way down.  So pretty, and surprisingly simple.

l 011316

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