Flip Through Bun

August 2, 2016

Ok…I have NO idea why I have never seen, or even thought of, this type of bun before!  It is genius!  It is SO easy to do and it only requires two things…an elastic and a Topsy Tail!!  What?!?!  AND, it stays put all day long!  No joke!  It’s amazing!  A total game changer!  Plus I think I like this more than messy buns, which is saying a lot ;).  I also love the fact that I don’t have to use bobby pins, and so does my daughter.  There are times that the bobby pins poke her and she doesn’t like that at all, so she was thrilled with this new technique!!

To do this style, all you need is a Topsy Tail (click here to be directed to this product!).

Here are some more pictures of this style, and go to the bottom for the FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL!  Enjoy recreating!!!

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