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Waves for Days

May 19, 2016

leah hair 110415 2

I can’t tell you how much I love waves and curls in my girls hair that are completely HEATLESS!!  I really, truly, do try to not use much heat on my girls hair.  Their hair is so so SO fine…it’s crazy how easy their hair can get damaged or break.  My go-to waves for my girlies are French Braids!  Yes…so easy and oh so adorable!  Sometimes I put French braids in their hair the night before after they get out of the bath, or I’ll do their hair of the day in French braids and then have them sleep on them.  My girls are always so excited when I take the braids out and they have, as I say, Waves for Days!  I’m thinking that they like them so much because their hair is so straight…it’s kinda fun to have some pretty waves that stay put!  And, yes, waves from French braids do not come out at all…at least in my girls hair.  And they have some fine fine hair, so I’m thinking waves like these will stay in most hair types.  And when we do waves like this, we almost always leave their hair down…obviously…but I usually pull one or both sides back, just to keep it out of their face.  So, if you are looking for some fun, heatless waves, then French braids are the answer.  AND, if you want to learn how to french braid, I have added my video tutorial to the bottom of this post.  It really is such an easy peasy braid…once you get the hang of it.  And just practice, practice, practice…that’s the only way to learn :).

Here are some styles that we have done with French Braids Waves…
kate 012616 2 kate 012616 3

leah hair 110415 2

On this night, we decided to branch out and just do a lot of micro braids…the result was a wave that was much tighter.  Kinda fun!  But it did take more time…and my hands were kinda sore when we were done.  But, it was worth it!

IMG_8304 leah 041516

And, the next day her waves were a bit frizzy, but we just rolled with it and did this style with some texture.  Her ponytail was so so fluffy…I couldn’t stop touching it!

leah 041616 2 leah 041616

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