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May 19, 2016

k 051616 loola

The weather around here is FINALLY so nice and beautiful.  It’s so wonderful to finally be able to go to the park more often…being outside makes my kids and I so much happier!  There is something about sunshine, flowers, green grass, fresh air that brings out the best in us.  Whatever it is, I’ll take it!

When we go to the park, little sis mostly likes to just run around on the grass and explore.  I don’t mind one bit…it’s so fun seeing the world through her eyes and seeing where she goes.  It really is the best!

It was especially windy this day, so we opted to just put her hair in double French braids, which was perfect for keeping her hair out of her face.  Otherwise, her hair would have been everywhere.  She is quite the girly girl lately and insists on wearing dresses or skirts.  This dress from Loola Kids is so perfect for busy little girls.  It is so so soft and fits her so well.  It’s the perfect length and she just loves to wear it.  Plus it is absolutely adorable!

k hair 051616 k hair 2 051616
k 051616 loola 2

I’m excited to share some more of these darling dresses soon.  Happy Day to you!

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