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Top Crossed Braided Pigtails

April 14, 2016

I love how this style turned out.  I was actually going to braid the pieces that cross, and that would look so cute, but I’m glad that I just let them be.  I’m a fan of spicing up regular hairstyles in simple ways.  All I did here was add two ponytails at the top, then cross them and do braided pigtails.  It’s such an easy thing to do that adds so much to a regular style.  PLUS, this is going to stay put all day long because of the elastics that I put on top.  If I would have done just regular braided pigtails, then they would surely fall out!  This is guaranteed to not go anywhere!  And doing this on wet hair seems to make it easier for me, at least.  It would look cute on dry as well :).  Enjoy recreating!

leah 041416 3 leah 041416Products used:

// Wet Brush

// Rattail Comb

// Elastics

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