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French Braid Waves

January 28, 2016

We love sleeping in French braids around here. My girls have very straight hair and absolutely love to have curls or waves in their hair. I love the waves from French braids because the wave looks so natural and gives so much volume to their thin locks. Here are my recommendations for creating these waves:

  • Take a shower, or get their hair wet, the night before. You  want to make sure to do these braids on wet hair so that the waves become really apparent. 
  • Do 2 French braids on the wet hair. •• Video below on how to do a Fench braid ••
  • I always make sure to add small sections in the braid to make the waves more tight. If you want bigger waves then take bigger sections. 
  • Braid down as far as you can before securing it with an elastic. 
  • Sleep on the braids. 
  • The next morning, cut the elastic out and undo the braids.
  • Start fingering through the waves to separate them a bit. •• DO NOT USE A BRUSH! It will get so so frizzy. ••I even have my girls flip their head over to really loosen up the waves. 
  • Now, at this point you can leave it down, do a simple style to pull the hair out of their face. It’s up to you! My girls hair was a little frizzy after fingering through their hair, so I get some Moroccan oil to add some shine and tame the frizzy hair. 
  •  Done!



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