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Loony Braid with Micro Braids

January 21, 2016

leah 012016Cute hairstyles do not have to be complicated.  We are almost always short on time on school mornings, so quick hairstyles like this are our go-to!  So, what is a Loony Braid?  It’s a braid that has two strands that are small and one strand that is bigger.  When you braid these three, uneven, strands together, it gives a fun effect that looks a bit “loony”…thus the name :).  You can do this braid without doing anything additional to the smaller strands and just keep it simple with the strands being “normal”.  Or, you can spice it up a bit by doing what I did.  It’s a simple addition to this style and it adds so much!



Spray Gel


Ribbon (or another hair accessory if desired)


//Start with damp hair and brush it into a high ponytail.

// Add a ribbon or hair accessory if desired.

// Take one small section of hair and do a 3 strand braid and tie it off with an elastic.

// Take another small section of hair and do another 3 strand braid and tie it off with an elastic as well.

// Now you have 3 strands…2 micro braids and 1 bigger piece of hair.

// Take the 3 sections and do a dutch braid, meaning cross the sections backwards.

// Tie the braid off with an elastic.

// Go back up the braid and pancake, or pull and flatten, the thick section of hair.

// Done!

Enjoy Recreating!!

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