The Snow is Here!

December 1, 2015

We got our first big snowstorm last week and my kids are now in heaven!  They have no feeling when it comes to playing in the cold snow!  I, on the other hand, and not a fan of the cold.  The only time that I can tolerate the cold is when I’m skiing, which will hopefully be very soon!  We officially pulled out all of our winter gear and these two got all geared up to go out and play.  Also, why does it take so long to get kids dressed to go out in the snow?  I think it took a good 20 minutes!  I told them that if I am taking the time to get them ready, then they need to stay out there longer than 20 minutes.  They ended up braving the cold for an hour!  Good times!  On the plus side, I got to pull out my Sorel boots that I got for Christmas a few years ago.  They are my favorite, and I guess the snow is worth it so that I can wear them :).

2779 copy 2785 copy 2791 copy sorel bootsBoots from Sorel

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