Star Pigtails

June 24, 2015

I love doing festive hair!  I’ll be the first to admit that hairstyles like this do take some time, so be prepared to entertain your little one. My little gal is pretty patient when I do her hair because it has always been a part of our routine, but I did have some snacks on hand for when she got a little wiggly. 


  • Elastics (have a lot on hand)
  • Comb and brush 
  • Spray gel
  • Bow (optional)

Directions ~

  1. Part hair down the center and clip off one side. 
  2. Make a part from the middle part to the ear and secure that piece in the center with an elastic. 
  3. Go down about 1″ and make another horizontal part and divide that hair into 2 sections. Secure each piece with an elastic. 
  4. Make another horizontal part and repeat step #3. 
  5. Now you have FIVE LITTLE PONYTAILS.  
  6. Divide the top section into 2 pieces. With the left section, do the braid of your choice and secure it to the bottom left pony. 
  7. Braid the top right piece and secure it to the bottom right pony. 
  8. Take the left middle pony and split it into 2 pieces.
  9. Braid the rift piece and secure it to the right middle pony (directly to the left of it). 
  10. Now take the left section of that piece and braid it and secure it to the bottom right section. 
  11. NOW braid the Left middle pony and secure it to the bottom left pony. 
  12. Now grab the remainder of the hair and secure it all together with an elastic and add a bow (optional). 
  13. Do the same thing to the other side of the hair. 
  14. DONE. 


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