Ric Rac Braid

June 22, 2015

Today we did the Cute Girls Hairstyles Ric Rac Braid!  I just love styles like this that are so simple, yet so pretty!  See below for directions:

 0621151 ~ Take a section of hair and divide it into 3 strands.  Make the middle strand a lot smaller than the other 2.

2 ~ Do a loose 3 strand braid, by crossing the right strand over the middle (small) piece, then the left over the middle piece.  Do this until you’ve reached your desired length.

3 ~ Hold the end of the braid in your hand and begin to tug on the bigger strands to make them more full.  Do this to both sides of the braid.

4 ~ Secure the braid with an elastic and clip it into place.

That’s it!  Cute Girls Hairstyles has a great video tutorial on this braid as well.  Visit their YouTube channel to see it.  It’s definitely one that I will refer back to often!



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