Dutch Braids!

June 5, 2017

I’ve said it before, but my girls always, ALWAYS, request to have their hair back and out of their face.  I don’t blame them, especially big sis with her hair as long as it is.  Today I did a combo of dutch braids and I just love how it turned out.  I don’t know about you, but dutch braids are SO much easier for me…I don’t know why, but braiding underneath is definitely my preference.  SO…I started in the top right corner and did a dutch 3 strand braid that wrapped around her head to the bottom left corner.  After securing that braid, I took the hair on the left side and just did a simple twist and connected it to that braid.  THEN, I finished off the style with an dutch fishtail braid!

As always, I added a cute accessory.  Today I used a darling bow from La Belle Baby.  Go check out her store…it’s my all time favorite bow shop!!


Combo Braids, Pigtails

Summer Hairstyles that Stay Put ALL DAY LONG!

June 1, 2017

My kids are officially out of school and summer has begun…woohoo!  I love having my littles home with me 24/7.  Granted that some of them are older and playing with friends most days, but it’s still nice not having them gone at school every day!

My girls do NOT like to have their hair in their faces when they are out and playing, so I love coming up with fun and creative ways to keep it back and in place.  I especially like to find styles that are sure to stay put all day long!

Today big sis requested a side ponytail.  We had a bit of extra time, so I did this darling criss crossed braided style.

Supplies for Criss Crossed Braids into a Side Ponytail:

  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Brush
  • Spray Bottle with Water (optional)
  • Elastics
  • Ribbon

Steps for Criss Crossed Braids into a Side Ponytail:

  • ** NOTE…I started with damp hair.  This is totally optional, but I find it easier to do this style if the hair is a little damp, as it does keep the fly aways down and gives it a sleeker look.**
  • 1| Create a part on the left side of the head (or the right if that’s what you prefer).
  • 2| From the back of the part, make a part down to the ear.
  • 3| Divide that section of hair into 2 pieces horizontally (one section on top and one on bottom).
  • 4| Create a ponytail with a small elastic with both sections.
  • 5| Take another section of hair to the right of the first section and do the same thing: divide the section in half horizontally and create 2 ponytails.
  • 6| Repeat this 2 more times, so you have a total of 8 ponytails.
  • 7| With the last section on the right side, make a single ponytail.  This will be the side ponytail.
  • 8| Starting with the top left ponytail, the one closest to the left eye, make a braid and connect it with an elastic it to the right bottom ponytail right next to it.
  • 9| Take the bottom left ponytail and make a braid, then connect it with an elastic to the right top ponytail right next to it.
  • 10| Repeat this until you reach the side ponytail on the far right.
  • 11| Add a ribbon and make a braid out of the final ponytail to create the side braid.

For little sis, she wanted pigtails, per the norm ;).  She LOVES pigtails so much, which I totally don’t mind because pigtails on little girls are my favorite!  Today I did this darling Chevron style with braids and rope twists.  It super easy and, again, is sure to stay put all day long.

Supplies for the Chevron into Pigtails style:

  • Rat Tail Comb
  • Brush
  • Spray Bottle with Water (optional)
  • Elastics
  • Ribbon or Bow (optional)

Steps for the Chevron into Pigtails style:

  • ** NOTE…I started with damp hair.  This is totally optional, but I find it easier to do this style if the hair is a little damp, as it does keep the fly aways down and gives it a sleeker look.**
  • 1| With your comb, make a square part on the top of the head.
  • 2| Clip off or put an elastic in the hair that remains down so that it doesn’t get in the way.
  • 3| At the front of the square section, make a horizontal part about 1″ back from the front of the head and secure it in the middle with an elastic to create a small ponytail.
  • 4| Repeat the above step and create 2 more ponytails.  So you now have 3 ponytails.
  • 5| Take down the remaining hair and make a part down the middle of the head from the back of the square section to the nape of the neck.
  • 6| Secure each section with an elastic to create the 2 pigtails.
  • 7| Go to the 3 ponytails on the top of the head.  Split each section into 2 and do a braid in each section on the right and secure it to the ponytail on the right.
    • I typically do one braid and use a clip to hold it in place until the other 2 braids are done.  Then I secure them all together with one elastic to the ponytail.
  • 8| Do the same thing with the left half of each ponytail…braid each piece and secure it to the left ponytail.
  • 9| Add a ribbon or bow.

I hope that you try these styles out for yourself!  They are both fairly easy to do and so worth the time!  Enjoy recreating!!

I post new hairstyles DAILY on my Instagram and Facebook accounts.  Go check them out, and please tag me if you recreate any of the styles that I post.  I would LOVE to see your recreations!


If you are looking for some great hair inspiration (aren’t we all), check out my Tangled and True Hair Feature account on Instagram and Facebook!


Hearts, Holiday

Doily Heart Hairstyle

January 19, 2017

Oh how I love heart hairstyles! My girls and I are loving coming up with new styles to share this year, and I think that this is our new favorite! This style is so easy to do (definitely a beginner style) and it’s perfect for school as it stays in place all day long! Add this one to your list…I promise you’ll love it!  

Faux Fishtail, Flips

Flip Through into Faux Fishtail Braid

August 24, 2016

This style took me 5 minutes to do…no joke!  It is such a great style for busy school mornings when you are short on time and need to get out the door!  Flip Throughs (or Topsy Tail flips) are so easy to do and really makes the style pop, as well as keep it really secure.  I finished this with a Faux Fishtail braid, which is, essentially, just lots of flips that look like a fishtail braid.  Fishtails are definitely one of the longest braids to do, yet they are one of my favorites in terms of looks.  So this is a great alternative when you’re in a rush.  I hope you enjoy recreating this one…it’s a keeper for sure!leah 082316

Here’s the link for the Topsy Tail that I used to do this style:

Hair Down

Waterfall Braid / Ele Story Dress

August 18, 2016

My girls definitely prefer to have their hair up and out of their face, but it’s always fun when they want to have it down and to do styles like this!  The Waterfall Braid really is such a beautiful and unique style that is surprisingly easy to do!  It is perfect for keeping the hair out of their face and has such a great look to it.  Big sis is wearing a beautiful violet dress by Ele Story that is definitely one of the prettiest dresses that I have ever seen!  It is made with a really light weight and durable material that makes it really comfortable for my girls to wear.  Plus we get SO many compliments whenever they wear it.  Ele Story has so many dresses to choose from…go and check out their site and Instagram account to see more!

See below for a FULL tutorial with commentary for this style. Enjoy recreating!

ele story waterfall 1 ele story waterfall 3 

Accent Braids, Combo Braids

Back to School – Small Accent Braid into a Side Braid

August 16, 2016

This style is is one of my favorites for school!  There are so many variations that you can do of this style, which makes it so great because you never have to do the same style twice!  All you have to do for this is make a ponytail at the top right of the head, and another at the bottom left.  Then you can do any braid you want for the top braid, and then you can either do the same or a different one for the bottom one.  I personally love to mix it up and do different variations for each braid.  I especially like doing styles like this because it is so fast to do…it usually only takes me 5 minutes!  Perfect for when you are tight on time!  Another huge plus about doing a stye like this is that it stays put all day long!  Perfect for school!  Here are some of my favorite variations. 

4 strand braid into a 5 strand braid.  Surprisingly, I have never done a 5 strand braid before, and it was so easy!  Maybe even easier than the 4 strand, which I thought was kind of funny.

l 081616

Here’s a close up of the 5 strand braid…so pretty!

l 081616 2

Pull through braid are definitely one of my favorites, and I love it in this style as an accent braid into a 4 strand 3D braid!

l 031016

Another style with the 3D 4 strand braid.  This time I did it for both of the braids.
l hair 022515

This one is a little different, as I didn’t start with a  ponytail in the top right of her head, but it’s essentially the same.  Plus I have a video for this style.

leah hair 060315

This one was pretty simple with just a rope twist and another 3D 4 strand braid.

l 051716 2

I especially enjoyed doing this style around Valentine’s Day with some cute heart hairstyles.  If you don’t have time, or just like the look of a ponytail with curls, then do just that and don’t add another braid to the bottom.

l 020216 l 013016

And here’s my last variation…4 strand braid the entire way down.  So pretty, and surprisingly simple.

l 011316


Clip Board for Art

August 16, 2016

Having 5 kids, I have a lot of art and goodies that my kids create that I love to display. I’m not a fan of having stuff that my kids make on my fridge, as it always seems to fall off and get ruined. My solution was to create this clip board to put on my wall to display my kids art. I got the wood board from Home Depot for $10 and I had them cut it in half for me there when I purchased it. I stained it with a dark walnut stain and then hot glued clothes pins on that were decorated with washi tape.  I love how it turned out and it works so well for displaying art and pictures. During holidays, I’ll put up pictures from the past years, which is especially fun on Halloween and Christmas. It’s always fun to see how much my kids have grown and this board is the perfect place to display these pictures!

Accent Braids, Elastics, Ponytails

Elastic Accents for Ponytails

August 15, 2016

Ponytails are by far one of the easiest hairstyles to do and I love finding ways to spice them up a bit.  I love doing elastic accents on the top or the side of my girls head before I put it in a ponytail.  My main reason for doing elastic styles like this is to hold all of their baby hairs out of their face.  My girls have so many fly aways and shorter hairs that won’t stay in a regular ponytail, so styles like this really help :).  Plus they stay put all day long!  Perfect for school, dance, sports, and just playing around!

Here are a few of my favorites!

Ladder Elastics into a ponytail.  I actually saw this style on one of my friends daughters and loved it!  Such a creative, and easy, way to add an accent on top!

kate 081516

Knotted Elastics into a Ponytail.  This is one of my all time favorite styles!  I was inspired by Sheer Braided Bliss on Instagram.  Check out the video below to see how I did it!

071415 leah

Another Knotted Elastic style!  I did this one on top of her head and put the elastics a little closer together, so the knot is a little tighter.

kate hair 4 031515

I LOVE this elastic style!  I started with a small triangle, and then made the partings going outward.  Super cute!

l 062816

And here’s another triangle elastic style.  k 062816

** All clip bows are from LaBelle Baby!


Flip Through Bun

August 2, 2016

Ok…I have NO idea why I have never seen, or even thought of, this type of bun before!  It is genius!  It is SO easy to do and it only requires two things…an elastic and a Topsy Tail!!  What?!?!  AND, it stays put all day long!  No joke!  It’s amazing!  A total game changer!  Plus I think I like this more than messy buns, which is saying a lot ;).  I also love the fact that I don’t have to use bobby pins, and so does my daughter.  There are times that the bobby pins poke her and she doesn’t like that at all, so she was thrilled with this new technique!!

To do this style, all you need is a Topsy Tail (click here to be directed to this product!).

Here are some more pictures of this style, and go to the bottom for the FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL!  Enjoy recreating!!!

leah 080216 3 l 081216 2 l 080216 l 080216 3


Braid Combo

June 27, 2016

There are so many days when I sit down to do my girls hair and have no idea what I’m going to do. This was one of those days. After talking to her about what she wanted, we came up with this style. She was going to be swimming that day, and we were so busy the next day as well, so we wanted to do something that would stay put really well and last two days. This definitely fit the bill!  Can you figure out how I did it?  It’s pretty complicated to explain, so I’ll do this again and do a video :).